Is e-cigarette harmful?

At the moment one thing is certain is that there is no study on the harmfulness of electronic cigarettes. However, the authorities as well as medical professionals call the principle of vigilance.

At first glance the composition of the electronic cigarette seems in all respects less harmful than conventional cigarettes . No toxic or carcinogenic product is contained in the electronic cigarette, as the produced steam does not induce a change in chemical elements unlike the conventional burning cigarettes. However, with no long-term study on potential health risk should still remain vigilant authorities said.

The profusion of electronic cigarette manufacturer on the market today gives rise to products that are currently not yet standardized, and without the famous CE (European Conformity) these manufacturers can without difficulty modify or replace products generally used.

In addition, for professional electronic cigarette cultivates a certain ambiguity in particular at the resemblance to a conventional cigarette. Indeed, for certain models the resemblance is striking, for example with the red LED can remember the embers of tobacco. And all this will keep them by the smoking behavior of tobacco smoking and encourage young people towards a first step towards tobacco. This is why the use of the electronic cigarette is highly recommended for pregnant women, while sales to minors should be banned soon.

Finally, concerning the effects of electronic cigarette smoking cessation, opinions are far from settled and the debate is still open to those who believe firmly that this product can reduce the risk and should be considered as a mode of smoking cessation.

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The electronic cigarette is effective?

Although the trader does not have the right to present the ecig as a method to stop smoking, I personally see no other interest. Effectively, this would mean that vapoter would be a hobby for non-smokers or smokers who feel they lack nicotine ! This is completely stupid.

Besides, I put on alert people who put themselves in the Ecig without stopping tobacco. The risk is ultimately smoking more. Indeed the transition to the ecig, there is a transfer of dependence. That is to say that the brain is fooled, he had lost his partner cigarette while receiving their dose of nicotine, so that in a few days, some heavy smokers incorrigible easily manage to quit. However, during this stop period, very large rate of nicotine can be inhaled while enhancing nicotine addiction. If unfortunately the patient is brought back to smoking in this period of “on-nicotine “, the result can be catastrophic and contrary to the original goal.

As pointed at one of the big advantages of the electronic cigarette is also the possibility to choose the level of nicotine . A total cessation of ecig 6 months to 1 year plan is quite possible and even recommended . For example, you can start 16mg and lower rates in very small steps at your own pace. After a few months you will have abandoned the nicotine in a gentle way . What a pleasure to rediscover life without addiction! A you do not crack!

Some studies even show that nicotine alone is not as addictive and make this more effective than patches such method. It is clear that it is now much easier to quit smoking with this new method that requires less willpower than outright the cigarette, remember judgment is a real drug.

Electronic cigarette: Fragile careful!

It became the companion of former smokers but electronic cigarette, whatever the style, sometimes showing signs of weakness, if we do not pay attention to some details. So follow these tips to extend the life of your e- cigs. These are taken from the site

Ladies, the electronic cigarette does not like to find in the depths of your huge handbags. Shaken, tossed in your movements, it will inevitably flee. To avoid soiling your beautiful brand bags (not to mention the smell not very nice e- liquid ), consider turning it off before storing (reminder: press the button five times, like to turn to again).

The heat is still waiting for you. It’s good for morale but not for e -cigs. The e-liquids do not like too be white-hot. In short, at the beach or a terrace, avoid putting your e- cig in full sun. it alters the taste of e -liquid, the general operation and reduces the life of the Clearomizer.

You fly? The e-cig has the airsickness. Pressure changes (cabin pressurization) are not good for these devices. Upon arrival, the liquid tends to leak even if the cigarette is in “off” mode. Tip: Do not fill before takeoff.

When replacing the 3 elements of an electronic cigarette, the temptation is to tighten up. False good idea! It is better instead let the game between the capsule and the battery and the cap and tip.